Last additions
Janja (re-release) £40Feb 19, 2020
Animal Friends Simba £4Morrisons prize.Feb 19, 2020
Disney Store Nala Beanie (UK Release)UK release has colored stitching around the eyes. I don't feel comfortable selling this one because poor Nala is incredibly rough! That being said, if you have a plush that's in a rough condition, maybe we could trade.Feb 19, 2020
Singing Simba £9Good condition, back is a little dirty. Please note that this guy is heavy!Feb 19, 2020
Simba Hot water bottle cover £8Good condition, regular release, no hook at the top.Feb 19, 2020
Disneyland Simba £7 - £8Both are in good condition but have had whiskers snipped. Please specify which one you'd like. Left has worn tag.Feb 19, 2020
Purring Kiara £20Still works! Due to UK law, batteries will be removed before sending out. She's a little dirty, but should fix up just fine.Feb 19, 2020
Disneyland Simba Solo £7Whiskers snipped.Feb 19, 2020
Scar beanies £7-£9Please specify which one you'd like. Left one is considerably used.Feb 19, 2020
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