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The Lion Guard Bath Toys (Wave 1 & 2)These sets are actually different, even without the tags. The text at the back is a different colour, and Beshte's eyes have a different shade of colour. Kion's Mark of the Guard has a different shade too, but it doesn't show up very well.Aug 29, 2018
Simba's Pride Birthday Cake Skirt BannerMust have had a Simba's Pride Birthday cake once. Wonder if it had Kovu and Kiara on it...Aug 28, 2018
The Lion King Blue Book Size ComparisonJul 29, 2018
The Lion King Boots Crackers 1994-1995All box angles.Apr 16, 2018
The Lion King Crazy Straws - closer viewApr 16, 2018
Kion Ornaments2017 & 2018 versions. Only got the latter because it went on sale....Jan 27, 2018
2014 Collection PhotoAh, my Simba shelf. Which got too crowded in the end.Jan 25, 2018
2014 Collection PhotoCloser look at the shelf (which got removed and came back again in 2017).Jan 25, 2018
2014 Collection PhotoA more recent photo, before the high bed arrived.Jan 25, 2018
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