The Beginning...
I was 6 years old when The Lion King hit UK cinemas. There was just something about the movie that really touched my heart, much more than any other film. The animation, the music, the characters, the story, everything about it just felt more magical than any other movie I had ever seen. I loved Timon and cub Simba the most, but eventually, cub Simba became my overall favourite character in the series.

I was one of the (apparently few) fans who received the Six New Adventures box set straight after the first movie was released on video. Due to this, much confusion swept over me when I first saw Kiara, having assumed the sequel would be about Kopa. Nonetheless, I still enjoyed the movie, even though romance stories are one of my least preferred genres.

For the Lion King Musical, I first visited on a school trip, where our coach driver got lost in London, causing us to miss the entire Circle of Life opening sequence. I was able to watch it fully a couple of years later, when another coach company (not related to school) had some tickets for sale. Like the movies, the Musical is another magical experience.

The Collection...
Unfortunately the earliest days of my collecting are pretty hazy, but I do remember the items I had in my childhood, including the first item, my Timon plush. I also know about my Lion King towel being one of the earliest items as well, simply because I found a drawing of it that I had done in school for homework which was dated.

The collection gradually became larger over the years that followed, helped by the fact that most Lion King merchandise is inexpensive compared to a lot of other series out there. Since cub Simba has remained my favourite character, I usually aim for merchandise of him whenever I can.

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