Are any items on this site for sale?
Most of these items are my personal collection. The only items I have for sale/trade are the ones listed in the appropriately named folder, 'For Sale/Trade'!

Can I use these photos elsewhere?
With credit, yes. But I don't grant permission for my photographs to be used as a way of selling similar items (unless it's clearly marked as my image to avoid confusion on the buyer's part).

Does your collection gallery include duplicates?
No, but it does contain some re-releases of items that might, at first glance, look like duplicates.

Why are some of your backgrounds so dark?
Bad lighting. Even during the sunniest days, a bunch of trees just outside my room prevent light from entering. They're all taken in my room for consistency, though.

There's an item you have listed that I'd really like to see a close up of. Is that possible?
It sure is! Contact me via email (below) and link me to the item you'd like a close up of. Please be aware - Certain apparel and plushies might take longer to get a closer image of.

How can I contact you?
Via my email! You know the drill, replace the AT with the symbol.

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