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Simba Nala Mufasa Sarabi Scar Timon Pumbaa Zazu Rafiki Shenzi Banzai Ed
Kovu Kiara Zira Kopa
Kion Fuli Beshte Bunga Ono Janja

The Lion King The Lion King II: Simba's Pride The Lion King 3 / 1½: Hakuna Matata The Lion Guard The Lion King Broadway

Series Keywords

Personal favourites -My favourite items in the whole collection.

Nala Series - A specific set of Nala items released in UK Disney Stores.

Sketch Series - A specific set of Lion King items released in UK Disney Stores.

Simba's Pride Bedroom Set - A set of bedroom items for a Lion King II themed bedroom.

Disney Store Japan 15th Anniversary - A specific set of items designed to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of Disney Stores in Japan. Contained Lion King on many of the items, which were primarily Mickey and Friends and a Newspaper theme.

Jungle Heroes - A series released exclusively in Disneyland Paris.

Little Simba - A set of items released in the UK Disney Stores.

Childhood items Items from my chilhood (usually not including anything obtained after I hit 16 years).

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