Sales/Trades Enquiries

How do I contact you?
Click/tap here (replace the AT as necessary).

Where are you located?
The United Kingdom, specifically, England.

Will you trade/sell worldwide?

About trading....
I'll be upfront - In the past, I've been stung when doing trades. In fact, I have a 40% rate of success with them on my end, since far too often my partner "disappears" or the item they're sending to me "got lost in the mail". Even longstanding community members have conned me in the past.
As a result, when trading please be aware that I will only send my half of the trade out after I've received your half. Please don't take this personally.

Are you open for haggling?
Sure, just don't be offended if I say no. All reasonable offers should be fine! If in doubt, check eBay for sold listings (that's where most of these prices come from).

I'm interested in an item, but I need to see more photos of it.
Say no more. Just let me know precisely what you're looking for, so I can deliver the best possible photo to you.

What items will you trade for?
I really just love anything TLK. If it's not in my collection and is of equal value, I'm usually happy to trade!

Would you consider non-Lion King items for a trade?
Possibly. I like Pokemon, Super Mario (specifically Luigi and Dry Bones), Sonic (mostly Shadow), Dragon Quest and a few other video games. For Disney, it's mostly Iago, Angel and certain items from The Black Cauldron. Contact me for a full list.

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